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One Step Closer to JT

June 4, 2014

Like millions of people around the world, I am a devoted Justin Timberlake fan. I have this fantasy of getting the opportunity to act with him in a future film/TV show in a very funny scene. We’ll become best friends, follow each other on Twitter, hobnob at the Emmy’s. Basically, where Justin is…Brooke will be. (Don’t kill my dream people…indulge me, if you will).

So, a few weeks ago, I read on JT’s FB fan page that he was launching a contest on Instagram to find people to be in his video for the hit song, “Not A Bad Thing.” (AH-mazing song, if you haven’t heard it). The contest — #NotABadLoveStory — asked people to send in their favorite photo/video with a 1-2 sentence caption that summarized how they took a chance on love. JT and his team would review all of the entries and pick people to be in his video. Uh…YEAH!!

Joined Instagram and immediately posted the following photo. For those of you who don’t want to click, it’s this fabulous photo of my husband and I doing what we do best…making each other laugh.


Fast forward to yesterday (June 3)…come in from taking my girls swimming and my text goes off. It’s my friend, Traci, with a four-word text — YOU MADE THE VIDEO! I dropped my phone and shrieked. Tom says, “Oh my God, you booked that national commercial?” I replied, “No, better. We made the Justin Timberlake video.”

Here is the link to JT’s fan video to the song “Not A Bad Thing.” Tom and I appear right at the start of the bridge at the 3:34 minute mark. We scored with a full card all to ourselves, that then fades right into JT. We’re STILL on cloud 9.

So, for all of you laughing at my JT dream at the top of this post, laugh no more. This video is a sign. It’s only a matter of time before I utter the words, “Hi Justin, I’m Brooke. So nice to meet you. Let’s chat!”