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The Disneyland Debacle

November 5, 2009

Public parking…$14.  Disneyland ticket…$72.  Watching your toddler have an enormous, kicking and screaming meltdown in front of the Magic Kingdom…priceless!

What is it with first-time parents and the need to try all sorts of activities/outings WAY before your little one is ready? I don’t know what I was smoking last week, but I really thought a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth would be so much fun for my 16-month-old daughter, Emory.

Really, Brooke? Really?

And so begins the Disneyland Debacle:

• The 70-minute car ride, where darling daughter was supposed to nap the entire way.  She opted for 18 minutes. She obviously missed the memo.

• The 35-minute wait to get into the parking lot with a very hungry little girl wailing in the backseat.

• Tossing chicken nuggets and broccoli spears into her snack tray while trying to purchase admission tickets.

• Dashing to Fantasyland to find a restaurant and order some milk…only to have it come out frozen.

• Inhaling lunch and scurrying to the nearest bathroom only to be greeted by the oh-so-joyous aroma of an explosive diaper and running out of wipes.

• Finally making it to King Arthur’s Carousel, only to have Emory pitch a fit because the operator wouldn’t let her ride side-saddle.

• Doing laps throughout Fantasyland desperately in search of a ride with a 5-minute or less wait (found two).

• Ditching Fantasyland and wheeling over to ToonTown to meet Minnie Mouse, only to be denied by Nazi Disney employee.

• Purchasing custom mouse ears, only to have Emory rip them off her head and dislodge one ear from the cap.

I could go on, but you catch my drift.  Complete disaster.   So, what DID Emory want to do?  Walk, walk and walk some more!  I turned to my mother, who just shook her head and uttered, “Let it go.”  Defeated, I conceded.  No Dumbo’s Flying Circus.  No Peter Pan.  No Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.   Just 52 laps around a circular fountain at the rear end of the park.  At lap 53, I raised the white flag.  This Disneyland trip was officially over.

So, we screamed because we got put back into a stroller.  We wailed as we power-walked to the main entrance.  We whimpered on the tram ride to the parking garage.  Then, by the magical powers of neck pillow and the soothing sounds of a humming automobile, my little princess drifted off to Neverland during the entire 60-mile trip back home.

Ahhhhh….good times. I can’t WAIT to do Disneyland again with Emory.  I’m thinking a college graduation trip would be perfect!